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C&M Alpha Dental Studio

Full-Service Dental Laboratory


Our broad Services and Specialty 

Superior Quality

We understand that the quality of dental products is at the core of dependable dental service. That is why we are committed to ensuring that each product you source through us is of superior quality. We have partnered with the leading dental brands that use cutting-edge technology in manufacturing dental products for our dental laboratory supplies. With such high-quality products, your clients can enjoy the dual benefit of superior comfort and the longevity of all fixtures. Our crowns and bridges come with up to a 2-year warranty.

  • Full & Partial acrylic dentures

  • PFM dentures

  • Denture cleaning and Polishing

  • Claire 24hr twin denture system 

  • Denture repair

  • Orthodontic appliances (C-clasps, Adams etc)

  • Zirconia and PFM

  • Night guards and Mouthguards

  • Implant

  • Flexi dentures

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